Meet the Doctor

Dr. Leigh KaRenn Strecker

Specializing in pediatric and prenatal care

  I was fortunate to be raised in a family of chiropractors and have been adjusted from birth.  When everyone around me was seeing their pediatrician for every cough and sniffle, when I wasn't feeling well, I would just walk into my dad's office and get adjusted. Because of this way of health, I was also fortunate to never have had any medications.  Living this way of life was normal for me, but as I grew older, I saw this wasn't "normal" for other families.   Then when I became a mom and dealt with daycare and school, that’s when I really noticed how amazing chiropractic and the body is.  My kids, who have never had any medications, weren’t the ones getting sick.  And if they got the occasional fever, stuffy nose, they got adjusted and their bodies were able to fight off the intruder and were back to their old selves in no time, without ever even the use of children’s Tylenol.  How many parents can say that? This is what inspired me to specialize in pediatrics and prenatal care and make it my mission to educate parents on how to bring their children up in a natural holistic lifestyle. My mission is to help other families, especially children unleash their body’s natural healing potential.  After seeing so many kids on medication after medication for everything, then on another medication for the side effect of that medication, I have dedicated my life to educating families on how to raise their children to their full health potential.  How to raise a happy healthy well balanced child without the use of drugs.  To give their child the chance to be the child they were born to be without any inference of medication.  Because in reality do we really think our kids are lacking the medication, or is something not communicating correctly in the body preventing the body from functioning properly?  This is the approach I have taken with my patients for the past 10 years and I can’t tell you the difference it has made in the lives of families (all members!).  Read our patient testimonials!!

My goal is to help the kids to become healthy and strong naturally without having to rely on medications. This starts with a healthy pregnancy and birth.

After running a successful wellness practice in Nebraska, my husband and I decided to move our family to Garden City.  He was offered a new job, and I was excited to share true chiropractic with the citizens of Garden City.  We have already met such wonderful people and I am so anxious to change the lives of the families here!  We have 4 kids, Hannah, Avery, Drew, and Dax.

I specialize in pediatrics and prenatal care.  I work with the top pediatric chiropractors in the country on a regular basis.  I also use acupuncture and allergy elimination techniques to come up with a unique plan to fit every individual.

 I get adjusted on a regular basis, my family gets adjusted on a regular basis and I am raising my kids to be healthy without the use of medication. I hope this will be the "normal" someday.

 I love to learn and am always reading and learning. I love to spend time with my family and to travel. 

I would love to help you to help your child be healthy, naturally.

Meet Our Team!

In addition to our doctor we have an incredible team who is committed to serving our patients and improving lives. We are passionate about health and wellness and living life at your ultimate potential! Our office focuses on making every visit here amazing, welcome to the family, we're excited for your journey to health.

Emily Soptick - Chiropractic Assistant

Emily is committed to you and where you are now. She understand that health is a journey and that we are here to support that.She will welcome you with a bright smile when you walk through the door, handle all your appointments, financials, and keep you and your family on track toward better health.


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